Performance Coaching Services

Archie Cunningham

Is your office culture typically unhealthy?

Do you need to enhance your team’s performance?

Lifestyle and Fitness Coach Archie Cunningham has helped over a 1000 clients achieve better habits and long term health and now offers his process to the corporate environment.

You want to get the most out of your team?

Consider what their daily habits look like.

  • Are they focused and organised?

  • Do they walk into the office in the morning and know what they’ve got planned?

  • Have they got a mcdonalds habits which they just can’t shift?

  • Is there lots of sugary snacks in your office?

  • Does the idea of exercise excite and intimidate them?

  • Do you see them not making the most of their day?

  • Does poor lifestyle impact your work force’s productivity?

I can help.

Health does not have to be something which happens at the peripheral of life. It should take a central role in all company cultures.

When doing that, healthier, leaner, fitter, happier staff  will ultimately help the company succeed. They take less sick days, focus more and drive the business forward.

Google, Apple, Amazon all have a massive emphasis on employee health, lifestyle, balance and culture.

If you want your company to grow, then allowing for and challenging your staff to improve their lifestyle and nutrition habits will be the cornerstone to that success.

Jamie Gray, Director, NEXA Properties


Archie has just completed a series of talks on health & fitness for our entire team; focusing on nutrition, exercise and rest and how positive changes in these lifestyle habits can have a profound positive impact in our personal and work lives. The outcome of the sessions has been to take on an individual goal / challenge, together with the process for achieving that challenge. The talks have been educational, inspirational and hugely valuable and as a company we look forward to seeing the positive effect it will have on all of us at NEXA. Thank you, Archie.

How Our Performance Coaching works:

How we learn information properly is to iterate it over time. So we run workshops over a period of time, coming up with specific challenges, homework and one to one coaching.  We help them to set goals and execute a plan to get there.

There are 4 steps to the process.

Step 1:

Four Presentations. Each presentation focusing on the different facets of health –  training, diet, rest and recovery.  Begin goal setting and deciding  processes of success.

Step 2:

One to One Coaching with team members. These sessions usually last 45 minutes and focuses on their why’s, their personal challenges and strategies to overcome them before setting goals.

Step 3:

Setting the Challenge. Each person will have a personal goal that they’ll want to achieve. They decide the challenge – 3 months is a good timeframe to work with. Then they buy into the challenge – perhaps £50 with the company matching that money back as a bonus for accomplishing this personal goal.

If the team member fails to achieve their goal, then the extra money is shared with the people who do achieve theirs.

Step 4:

Catch up sessions with the team – 3 MONTH REVIEW OF GOALS- that they’ve either hit, or failed to hit- setting new goals and coming up with a new process to achieve them. Quarterly catchup meetings thereafter as required.

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