Consistency wins

We’ve had some big wins recently. The most impressive has been so many of our members putting in the time, to eat properly, train hard, and enjoy the process. Like I say all the time, there is no magic bullet, or perfect program. What matters is that you show up consistently, move well, and give your best effort every single day.
Congratulations to Edith, and Beky for getting their first pull-ups. That puts them in the top 5% of women in the world who can pull their body weight up above a bar. I’m so proud of them both because it’s a testament to amount of work and effort and time, and frustrations, and feeling like their progress is so slow, to then all of a sudden do a pull-up. Just like in martial arts, once you get your Dan belt, the journey is just beginning, like getting a pull-up for these two, the fun is just beginning.

As with some of our sessions, the often uncover weaknesses. Max (and myself) realised that pressing alternate 22.5kg dumb bells over head was a lot tougher than it looked and completely flattened us, while Rich Fenech hammered through and finish 3-4 minutes ahead of both us coaches with the same weight. It goes to show that sometimes raw strength is what you need, and that no body can win every workout. It takes humility to come in these doors because there are going to be some movements which you simply cannot do while others can. Egos, can be left on the door mat.
January was a great month for a few members getting some excellent personal bests. @jezdoe and @jezzaf (Jeremy Doe and Jeremy Fowke) in particular realised some decent improvements.
Definitely we are all looking forward to @crossfitgames Open competition coming up, and very much look forward to seeing all our members give those workouts hell! #lifelongawesome #crossfitopen #crossfitgames #firstpullup #crossfit

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