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Our Checklist Method

I am a huge fan of check lists. A pilot friend got me into it last year, when he showed me his method, and he said that checklists are how he does all his work (both in a plane and in business). I thought, ‘why can’t we do that in our initial assessments’? What I […]


The Future of Fitness in The 21st Century

When I first begun my fitness journey I was ten years old. I was doing pull-ups on the gangway of our boat, that was my home for a short period of time. I was so proud that I could do 5 and I remember showing off my strength to my friends because I thought I […]


Member of The Week – Sam Housten – 21st January 2019

Sams devilish sense of humour and keen wit have been a stalwart of our classes since she joined last year. Consistent in all her training, developing more and more strength, has been showing excellent gains with her pull-ups and box jumps. Still working on the upper body strength to develop a stronger overhead press, Sams […]

Why You Should Choose CrossFit Chichester

Why should choose us at CrossFit Chichester, over a standard gym membership or other CrossFit style gyms? We teach the basics of CrossFit, before anything else. You have to move properly before progressing to the advanced movements. Otherwise, you’ll get hurt. Having trained hundreds of people, we have learnt that nothing can be progressed until […]