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Summer Throwdown 2022

Testing your fitness is part of the fun. July 23rd 2022, we had three teams enter into the Newbury CrossFit Summer Throwdown. The competition was for teams of four, two guys, two girls, to complete 4 workouts starting first thing in the morning, and finishing in the afternoon. Anyone who’s done a competition knows how […]


200406 wk 15 Gym Programming

GYM PROGRAMMING Monday – April 6, 2020 – 200406 Context: Practice – Dynamic Warm Up Option: St Petersburg KB Warm Up Flow – 100′ Suitcase Carry each arm, 100′ OH Carry each arm, 2L/2R Turkish Get Up, 12 Russian Swings, 8 (4 per side) Front Rack or Overhead Squat, 30s Floor Scap Stretch, 30s Psoas […]

200330 wk14 Gym Programming and Surviving the Coronapocalypse

Hey Everyone! In case you missed it when it came out on social media, here is our “Corona Virus Gym Owner Survival Guide”. Also, don’t forget to review our “Online Coaching and Accountablity Series” to brush up on your one-on-one and remote skills!: https://gymprogrammingbasic.zenlearn.com/categories/337202-customized-programming-program Corona Virus Gym Owner Survival Guide.png As many parts of the […]

200323 wk13 Gym Programming and Just this Once

Hey Everyone, Here is another article you can share with your folks! 100 percent no and just this once.png “Just this once.” We’ve all said it… I’ll have another piece of candy, just this once. I’ll skip going to the gym, just this once. I’ll watch another episode, just this once. If it really were […]

Our Checklist Method

I am a huge fan of check lists. A pilot friend got me into it last year, when he showed me his method, and he said that checklists are how he does all his work (both in a plane and in business). I thought, ‘why can’t we do that in our initial assessments’? What I […]


Getting (or perfecting) Your Pull-ups

I remember way back when I was 10 years old, and I first discovered out how hard it was to even do a pull-up, after 4 weeks, I’d worked up from 1 to 5, doing them every day. When I was 16, I could do 50 push-ups comfortably. I could do just 7 pull-ups. Pull-ups […]

5 Habits to Eat Healthier, Lose Weight, and Feel In Charge

Numerous times, I sit down with my amazing clients, and we talk about goals, and we talk about plans, and all of the diets they’ve followed. Recently, I was asked if I knew about the six pack sensation diet… I hadn’t. There appear to be so many diets, and not a lot of people actually […]