The fun is in the community.

Our CrossFit classes last one hour. We run classes throughout the day, and 6 days a week.

Basic structure is that we initially start with a quick circle question to break the ice and get to know eachother a bit better. This helps break the ice and ease the nerves of the anyone who is newer to our community. After that we get you nice and warm, with a short dynamic warm-up. We always treat warm ups really seriously, because the risk of injury is greatly reduced when the body is properly warm.

Working gymnastics or weightlifting in the technique part of the session gives you the chance to hone your skills more difficult movements.

The middle section often follows that of a gymnastic skill (such as handstand progression, ring work or some other elements), or a weightlifting strength element which is designed to get you stronger, and more technically proficient. We tend to focus on the technical lifts her, or difficult gymnastic progressions so that we’re developing good levels of fitness in both. We often here work as a pair. This usually makes up 20 minutes of the hour.

In the metcon we aim to get you working hard for a short period of time.

No matter your fitness level, we have a progression for everything.

Then we move onto the metabolic conditioning (WOD) which you’ll be working for normally 10 to 15 minutes. This is where we work on adding intensity to the workout and giving you that endorphin rush that we all get having done a workout. Although these are hard, we always ensure that the workout is appropriate for your level of fitness and if we discover that it’s either too easy or too difficult mid-workout, the coach will most likely change it slightly for you, to improve the effect the workout has on your and hence get fitter!

We aim to have at least 5 minutes stretching to finish and that will help alleviate the soreness and cool the body after the session. We have showers and changing facilities so if you can bring a change of clothes and a towel you’ll be able head out of the gym clean.

All in all our classes aim to be fun, engaging and varied, constantly challenging you to get fitter and healthier every time you set foot in the door.

Cool downs are just as important as the warm-up. Becoming more flexible is all part of getting fitter.