Since 2007 Archie has been applying his knowledge to help, shape, develop and improve the fitness in both himself and those around him.

After opening CrossFit Chichester with his wife in 2014, he has been on a quest to help people improve their own health and fitness all the more, within the gym that they created. Being that the gym process of induction involves a significant amount of time coaching one on one, and then working in small class environments, Archie has had a unique experience and exposure to huge range of clients. Ranging from young budding athletes to more senior individuals in their late 60s. All of which required different approaches, strategies and solutions to their own specific challenges.

Archie is an avid reader, and constant teacher. His goal is to expand and use his knowledge on a larger scale. Be this in the workplace, at home or at school. He has spoken at numerous events, (one of which been a TEDx Event) and works with companies and individuals to improve their own habits and routines, to achieve the success which they want in their life.