Dan is one of our most experienced Coaches at CrossFit Chichester. Along with his  extensive experience training himself for 10 years. He has a CF level 2, and CrossFit Striking and has been coaching with us since 2015. He has helped fix innumerable ailments by training, stretching, and eating properly, and is eager to pass on that knowledge to others. He has experience training people with zero CrossFit experience, to competent and competitive athletes.

Having spent 10 years smoking and drinking while hunched over a computer, at 32 Dan gave up the evil weed and proceeded to eat his way through most of the produce on offer at the Goodwood Organic Farm Shop.  A small but obvious spare tyre formed around his belly and, with a second chin following closely behind, Dan did what most people in his position do, he joined the local gym. An hour a day of treadmill running and thrashing about on resistance machines soon became 2 hours a day of treadmill running, cycling and thrashing about on resistance machines.  Nutrition became low fat foods and fainting, the belly fat went but there was quite a bit wrong with this new lifestyle.

It was at some point in 2007 that Dan joined a local Karate school having recalled the punishing workout delivered by Shotokan Karate he experienced as a child.  The form of Karate Dan began learning was Tsuyoi-Ryu which is a traditional Okinawan Karate. One of the distinguishing features of the Tsuyoi-Ryu Karate-do is its focus on testing students with bare-knuckle knockdown fighting. Knockdown fighting means fighting until you or your opponent are knocked-out or knocked-down.

There can surely be no greater spur to one’s physical training than the fear of personal injury or the regularly looming threat of physical violence. Desperate times called for desperate research and a US martial arts forum offered the answer to his need for a training methodology that provided an increase in all-round physical capacity – CrossFit.

And so Dan’s journey in CrossFit began in 2007 when there were no CrossFit gyms in the UK.  There was plenty of instruction available for free on-line at CrossFit.com and Dan taught himself the Olympic lifts, gymnastic movements and the appropriate use of rowing, running and cycling.  He utilised CrossFit.com workouts to reach a level of physical skill that enabled him to obtain his black belt from Sensai Gerry Bryan. Dan went on to train friends and the family of friends from a converted garage gym. In January 2014 Dan passed his CrossFit Level 1 Trainers exam.

Still working his day job as an IT consultant he jumped at the opportunity to do what brings him the most satisfaction, teaching people all that is CrossFit, but this time in a professional environment under the tutelage of an outstanding Head Coach and within a formal educational framework at CrossFit Chichester.