Crossfit Kids

Dear Parents,

When I first began my CrossFit journey, I wished I’d done it when I was younger. 

CrossFit is technically, physically, and mentally challenging.

More so than any other training. To give you child the opportunity to train with us is being able to give your kids the ability to be physically prepared for anything in life- with strength and resilience.

How it works –

We have separate classes for different age groups. We should have a quick chat about which class would be most appropriate for your child as the age groups over lap, and it’s important to make sure that your child is best supported in each session.

Mini CrossFit

Ages 3-5: our smallest and youngest members get the benefit of a play based 20-30 minute session, once a week on Saturdays at 11am during the term time.

These classes are small – no more than 8 children. You can stay and watch, and see how you kids are learning skills to stay fit for life.

Please register your interest by emailing us your details to and we will ut you on the waiting list and let you know when classes are starting and when they’ll be on.

CrossFit Kids

Ages 6-12: This is our CrossFit kids program. Each session lasts 40 minutes. It involves warmups, workouts, and games. We can start the add a teeny tiny bit of weight to their workouts, but only when the child is moving with excellent form.

We run these sessions twice a week Tuesdays at 4.45pm and saturdays at 10.45pm. Parents can stay or they can leave their child so long as we know who is picking up their child up.

Teens – 12-17

This is for older and more mature children. The sessions are an hour long. They are more intense, we still insist on excellent form before lifting weight but, we can work them harder than younger children because of their increased capability.

Sessions run 4.30pm Monday’s and Thursdays, and 9am Saturdays.

When it comes to dealing with this number of children is important to note that all of our coaches have had background checks. We have taken courses in safeguarding the young and vulnerable, and we are all fully insured to take children on the premises.

All children need to be potty trained before joining classes.

How we deal with bad behaviour, is simple –

If they misbehave we give them a warning. If they misbehave again they are removed for 2minutes from the class. Any further misbehaviour is then discussed with the parent and we will consider removal from the program. Safety is our number 1 priority and if we cannot do that for all our children if one or two are taking up more of the coaches attention then we need to do what’s best for the entire program.

This is an environment to shape lives and thats what we intend to do.

Archie Cunningham