CrossFit Kids

It’s our main aim to create more fit & healthy individuals. As times gone on running the gym, we’ve found more and more kids, who brought along by our adult members wanted to copy their parents. So we decided to create a separate program and class for kids aged 5 and up to train. With a dedicated CrossFit Kids Trainer to learn how to move well, work hard and have a lot of fun.

How it works

We currently have two classes a week for ages 6 to 11.

Monday 4pm-5pm  and Wednesday 4pm-5pm

There is lots of play involved, but we do have lots of fitness hidden within it. We aim to encourage support and exemplify good movement, and hard work. Kid’s who work hard are rewarded with our ‘Thor Hammer’ as recognition for their efforts.

The plan of the session works on certain themes so over  a month they’ll be focusing on certain movements more than others. This allows the kids to really learn the movements and get better and better (similar to adults, but with no load, and just a lot of fun).

Please register your interest by emailing us your details to and we will put you on the waiting list and let you know when classes are starting and when they’ll be on.

When it comes to dealing with this number of children is important to note that all of our coaches have had background checks. We have taken courses in safeguarding the young and vulnerable, and we are all fully insured to take children on the premises. If you’d like to see our CrossFit Safeguarding Policy

This is an environment to shape lives and that’s what we intend to do.

Archie Cunningham