Coach Macca…

Macaulay- is one of our own grown, gym loving coaches. He was  introduced into CrossFit by Dave in January 2018 – hard-working, enthusiastic, he  strives to be the best of the best, coach as well as athlete.

Recently passing his level 1 CrossFit coaching course, Macca’s passion is to see his clients get fitter, healthier and stronger everyday. He shares a longterm approach to lifestyle change and also his experience of learning how to be fitter and healthier himself.

Macca has shown true dedication to the role of Crossfit Coach and his empathy, good humour, passion for knowledge and commitment have shown him to out-strip many potential coaches who may be more qualified/experienced but less personally suited.

Find Macca taking the Wednesday evening class from January and many more to come!

Get in touch today to start your journey with Macca or any of our coaches.