Performance Coaching Services

Archie Cunningham

Do you want to enhance your team’s performance?

It is our mission to help you as managers, business owners, and leaders to help you come up with ways that can encourage healthier choices within your team, and to find ways that produce better results for you company, retaining better staff, and helping them grow as individuals. 

Healthier people are happier people. They are more productive. They are more focused. They are more positive. 

They are more like the kind of team people strive to have within a company. 

Exercise has a hugely positive impact on the brain. It lowers stress hormone, increases the memory retention, and lowers anxiety. 

Healthier food boosts the immune system, improves body composition and allows us to remain focused and productive for most of the day. 

Getting better sleep or improving our pre-bedtime habits helps with our mood in the next day, increases what we’ve learned from the previous day, and helps improve the bodies response to nearly every physical and mental stimulus we give it. 

It is our goal, that from working with us, either as a one off, or as an ongoing consultant, we will help improve your teams productivity and results by concentrating on their daily habits, and finding ways to make it easier for them to live a healthier lifestyle that isn’t a fad. That produces long term success, not just short term enthusiasm. 

Lifestyle and Fitness Coach Archie Cunningham has helped hundreds of his clients achieve better habits and long term health and now offers his process to the corporate environment.

Jamie Gray, Director, NEXA Properties


Archie has just completed a series of talks on health & fitness for our entire team; focusing on nutrition, exercise and rest and how positive changes in these lifestyle habits can have a profound positive impact in our personal and work lives. The outcome of the sessions has been to take on an individual goal / challenge, together with the process for achieving that challenge. The talks have been educational, inspirational and hugely valuable and as a company we look forward to seeing the positive effect it will have on all of us at NEXA. Thank you, Archie.

How Our Performance Coaching works:

There are several ways in which the coaching can work.

Option 1: Run it as a day workshop. This is effective because we can deliver the material in a series of short lectures interspersed with lots of activities and fun games to get across the different concepts and to have a lot of fun. This method works when gathering the team together in one place is challenging, and having one day in the diary can work.

In this you’d need to come wearing clothes you can move around in, and get a little sweaty in. We can either run these in your office space, conference room, or at an outside venue depending on the location.

Option 2: The performance series. We space out the lectures over a few weeks. We come in for 1-2 hours at a time. We have set materials to deliver each time, provide homework, but also include active games, and a ‘workout’ suitable for all levels.

In each of these options we can also include one on one coaching too, to develop a much more individualised program for you and your team members.

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