Crossfit Teens:

Effective and Safe Teens Training 11-18 yrs old

Teens benefit hugely from this type of training and its a key stage in life where muscle development, flexibility and picking up good habits can set them up for a healthy life. Human growth hormone surges when doing strength and high intensity training- just what growing teens need.

Teens CrossFit training is a remedy for modern pressures on the health of our young.

Monday 4.30PM

Thursdays 4.30PM 

Saturday 9.00AM

Classes are an hour.

Prices: £40/month for 2 sessions  a week -£50/month for unlimited access



Or call/text Archie on 07721690150

We keep our classes small and safe

You can train with your kids*

We make sure they’re lifting safely and correctly before adding any load.

Growing adolescents need to do lots of stretching. We aim to get mobility work during all our sessions – sometimes at different points in the session.

Trust the process. Keep technique right, work hard, and you’ll see the rewards.