Classes are fun, but to get there, you need to first be safe. Working with one of our Coaches will do that.

Why should choose us at CrossFit Chichester, over a standard gym membership or other CrossFit style gyms?

We teach the basics of CrossFit, before anything else. You have to move properly before progressing to the advanced movements. Otherwise, you’ll get hurt.

Having trained hundreds of people, we have learnt that nothing can be progressed until the core fundamentals are in place. In order to do that, it takes real time, focus and attention, both from you, and your coach. Some will say that CrossFit is just circuits. It’s not. What we do is complex and technical. Each week, you will do both body weight and weightlifting movements, multiple times and in different variations.

If you look at all on the web, what you’ll find is that most CrossFit gyms induct it’s new members via a group ONRAMP. You’ll be in a class of 8 to 12 beginners, which means, you could a whole range of abilities. You could have super fit, young athletes, alongside middle aged office workers who’ve never even been to a gym. Who do you think will require the most attention? Who do you think will get the least? In one hour, spread out over 8-12 people, the average time spent individually coaching someone is usually 4-8 minutes, maximum. That’s not really going to teach someone who has never learnt how to keep their back flat to bend down and pick a weight off the ground.

The risk of danger is very high unless the coach is super experienced, and excellent at what they do, and even then, they only have two eyes to watch an entire class. To also give you an idea, in the average weekly program, we could be using 15-20 different movements throughout the week. Although brilliant at getting our members fitter, we need to be absolutely sure that everyone who attends a class can be sure that they are going to walk out of there unhurt. It also is much more beneficial to our long term members who still need coaching, so that the coach can spend an equal amount of time on each class member. If there is a beginner in that class, it’s very unlikely that the more experienced athletes will get any coaching, because the coach is bound to make sure that the beginner is safe to do the session.

If you want to get in contact with one of our excellent coaches put your details in here, we’ll be in touch ASAP.

Why We Need a Coach:

Even if you make it through three months of group training in CrossFit, it’s really likely that your goals will change. You’ll want to work on more specific weaknesses and want to make the most of your hour. You’ll probably have some specific injuries that need working around. If you don’t have a Coach, with whom you have a good relationship with, it’s fairly likely that your motivation will begin to wain, and you’ll lose focus, and probably stop attending as regularly, and forget the reason why you started in the first place, and probably start slipping back into old habits. It’s human nature.

We all need Coaches.

When you’re part of this gym, you’ll have a coach for life. Coaches, and positive, uplifting relationships are what we need more than anything to succeed. You want experienced, knowledgeable and professional coaches, who know how to help you. Who know that everyone has individual needs, and that what you need is different to what the next person needs. We need tailored progressions, and what’s more we also need to feel secure in the knowledge that we aren’t going to get injured. Getting injured is one of the biggest challenges for athletes (everyone here we call athletes, because no matter how unfit you right now may feel, the moment you walk in here, you’re still an athlete to us). We want to prolong and facilitate your success. The only way to do this, is by having coaches who are professional, and are dedicated to excellence.

Our Why:

Health is paramount to success in life. When we are healthy, our mind functions optimally, our emotions are more easy to manage, and our decisions are generally good ones. When we are underslept, overfed, drinking too much alcohol, smoking or taking recreational drugs, those decisions have long term consequences to the rest of our life.

You can make a better decision today, simply by making contact, and finding your coach for life.

Our coaches are constantly evaluated too, and we run ongoing professional development, to constantly help them improve and become the very best individual they can be, to help inspire others in becoming their best selves too.

All our coaches are fully qualified CrossFit Trainers or Personal Trainers, and they are looked after by me, as their head coach, and I have got over 4,000 hours experience coaching both group classes and personal training sessions.

In an excellent book, “Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Sinek, he talks about how a sense of security, and trust within an environment serves to improve the groups success at any given task. It’s our goal that you will meet one of our coaches, and be inspired to make better decisions and become the inspiration for others in your life.

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